Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Group Exercise

During the summer months, I often lack motivation to go for a run--especially a longer run.

I'll sometimes set out to run seven or eight miles, only to become bored and end up running only four or five miles. Workout distance is relative, so whatever distance or time you're running can become a drag in solitude.

The solution for many people is to become involved in a group. Group runs abound, and they be a great way to meet new people.

Research shows that people who exercise with a group have a better chance of maintaining a workout routine.

Many running clubs offer trial periods or no fees at all. Here are some resources for group runs in the Twin Cities area:
  • MDRA
    • Free group runs and marathon training classes for a fee
  • Mill City Running
    • Group runs on Tuesdays for beginners and for all runners on Wednesdays
For those who don't enjoy running or prefer group exercise in another setting, group exercise classes, group bike rides, and team sports offer social time and support in fitness goals.

From time to time I've enjoyed being a semi-regular attendee at spin classes, yoga, and a boot camp-type class at the YMCA.

Whom do you like to train with? Leave a comment below or on Twitter or Facebook.

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