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Nate wrote me a training plan designed to help me achieve my goals of setting personal best times. The workouts he laid out for me offered lots of variety. He took time to listen to my specific goals, and set up a regimen that was really tailored to help me achieve those goals. 
He also offered support and advice throughout my training cycle. Under Nate's guidance I was feeling more confident, healthier, and running faster than ever before.

-Brittany, pharmacist and mother of three, and Boston Qualifier  

My New Years resolution in 2012 was to do the one thing I hated the most for the longest. So of course, I signed up for the Twin Cities Marathon, seven months before the race. Before that, I had never run longer than 30 seconds. So, I signed myself up for a series of smaller races. A 5k, a 10k, 10 mile, 25k. The other recommendation I got from friends was to join the Running Room's marathon training program.
I showed up for my first training session with Nate in June of 2012. At that point I had been running a few months and had run a few 5k's and a 10k. I was terrified the group would be far too advanced for me and I'd be slower than everyone. Little did I know I would be the ONLY trainee! Wow did I luck out!  
Nate and I ran a 5 mile loop every Thursday evening rain or shine. His training and expertise to this day are invaluable. He gave me so much confidence and worked with me through several setbacks. He shared everything I needed to know for a training schedule and a proper runner's diet.  
In October of 2012, I ran my first marathon. I reached my goal, and got addicted to running for life. I attribute much of my success that year to Nate's hard work and dedication.
-Ashley, mother of two and lifetime runner

Jon Kerzman
After running three marathons on self-designed training plans, I decided to make a push to qualify for Boston. I sought out Nate's help in creating a plan that played to my need to increase speed while keeping my mileage under 50 miles a week to avoid injury. Nate met with me to discuss my goals, what I felt worked well, and where I had experienced challenges in my previous build ups. Nate took the information I provided and created a plan that was tailored to my current mileage and ability with the end goal of preparing my body to run a BQ of under 3:05. The speed work and hill workouts were challenging but not intimidating, making it (almost) fun to incorporate these necessary elements into my training on a routine basis.
Throughout my build up, Nate would check in to make sure I was feeling good, keep me from going too hard, and reminding me to be patient and let my body adjust to the training. I went into my target race healthy, and for the first time, feeling confident and prepared. Nate surprised me along the course of the Lake Wobegon Marathon, there to cheer me along to reach my goal! Unfortunately, the weather warmed up in the later miles and I started to fade, crossing the line in 3:05:47 and missing my goal of a BQ by 48 seconds. Nate was right there to ensure I looked at the day as a success, it was a 12 minute PR indicating that going under 3:05 was truly attainable.
I might have taken him too literally as I went home and hatched a plan to sign up for The Grandma's Marathon just 6 weeks later. While everyone told me it's unlikely I would run faster with that little time between, Nate left the door open to say it was possible. We briefly discussed a recovery/build-up/taper plan to get me ready for another 26.2. The weather on race day was perfect, allowing me to cross the line in 3:03:38 and realize my goal of running The Boston Marathon. Thank you Nate for helping me reach my goal, something I didn't even consider reasonable when I first started running!
-Jon, Boston Marathon qualifying runner

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