Thursday, August 27, 2015

Rest and Recovery

Rest days are an under-utilized element of a good training plan. While different training plans call for different types of rest days, it's best to find what works for you.

As I've reached my thirties, daily runs are not always an option. When training for a goal race, I tend to overdo it. Since 2012, I've run some solid times, but have yet to enjoy consistent racing and long stretches of injury-free running.

Recovery and injury prevention exercises have been vital in my ability to run consistently. I handle rest days in a variety of ways; bike rides, runs, swimming, and hiking have all made appearances in my training. To make those cross training activities rest days means doing them at a very light intensity.

The simplest way to have a true rest day is by doing nothing. Reading, playing a board game with my lovely wife, and perhaps watching a TV show or movie, give my legs and cardiovascular system a chance to recharge.

Training adaptations are made when the body has time to repair itself. Don't forget to incorporate some rest into your plan.

Run and rest well.

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