Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Life Balance

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 Distance runners can do some amazing things--it takes discipline, focus, and self-control to be an athlete. It takes even more of those things to be an athlete and an empathetic, loving, citizen of earth.

Runs, bike rides, walks, and other exercises are nice times to think about such things: to enjoy the world we live in; to think about the advantages we've been blessed with; to think about those without those advantages.

So, on your next run, bike ride, or walk, take some time to think about such things. Where can you show kindness? Forgiveness? How might you be able to help others?

If, after thinking, you'd like to share some of your joy and advantages, consider how you could do that. I had an amazing time fundraising for Team World Vision back in 2014--I felt like I was putting my time spent running to good use.

If you'd like to use your time spent exercising to bring hope to others, here's some causes to consider:
In my life, running sometimes takes precedence over the more important aspects of my life: faith, family, friends, and my job as a teacher. I'm not a perfectionist, but what I do I like to do well. Part of keeping things in balance means taking care of my time.

Time spent running is generally time well spent--unless it's taking time from something more important.

How do you spend your time?

Run well.

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