Monday, December 12, 2016

MDRA 7 Mile

MDRA 7 Mile - March 25

Another of the MDRA nonstandard distances, it makes pacing a little more interesting. It's also another race that comes free with a Minnesota Distance Running Association membership. You can sign up at Join MDRA.

The MDRA 7 Mile is a great race if you like a low-key event. Although it's bare bones and a pretty small field, there are a wide variety of runners, so whether you're running fast or slow you'll probably find at least one person to run with.

Another big bonus is that race day registration is in a church basement--it's great staying warm and being able to use an indoor bathroom before the race. If you're looking for a challenging yet low-key race, I'd highly recommend this one.

Cost: Free to MDRA members.

Gear and food: No shirts or finisher medals for this one, but there are usually cookies at the end.

Weather: The years I've done this one it's been good--usually cool, sometimes cold. It is early spring, however, so the weather can be pretty unpredictable. 

Course: Hilly and challenging. It runs mostly through neighborhoods, so if you're looking for scenery, this isn't the race for you.

Crowd support: Not at this race.

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