Saturday, January 14, 2017

Valley Fair Run and Ride

Valleyfair Run and Ride - Mile and 5k May 20, Half Marathon May 21

Cost: $75 for the half marathon through Feb. 25, including a one day park pass., $95 for a weekend pass. $45 for the 5k with a one day park pass. $25 for the mile without a park pass, $45 with park pass.

Gear and food: The shirts are good, the food is about average (Bagels and protein drinks the past two years). They give pint glasses and extra park passes for age group awards, and the half marathon field is small, so you have a decent chance of getting one.

Weather: One year it poured rain part way through, the next year was perfect. Minnesota springs: gotta love them.

Course: The course is awesome. It loops through the park a couple times, and the rest is on a flat, paved trail. Though it has a lot of turns, it's still a PR course.

Crowd support: There's some when you loop through the starting area, but not much along the course.

My wife said that this is one of her favorite races, and I agree. The atmosphere is cool and it's pretty awesome to see a lot of the park. The course is flat and fast, so it's easy to enjoy the scenery without chugging up hills. 

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