Sunday, January 8, 2017

Lake Wobegon Trail Marathon

Lake Wobegon Trail Marathon - May 13

Cost: Registration is $80 before Jan. 31. It raises prices several times up to $120 after April 30. Based on what is included with the registration, this marathon is an excellent value, especially if you register early.

Gear and food: This year they're giving away 10th anniversary jackets for everyone who registers by January 31. Technical finisher shirts are given out at the finish. I was happy with the shirts and race bag that came with my 2010 and 2012 races, and both years the post race pizza, cookies, and chocolate milk, to name a few, are excellent.

Weather: Though it's always a gamble in Minnesota, almost every year of this race has been excellent marathoning weather: cool with the wind being either beneficial or neutral. The one thing that's a little tough is when it's sunny. The race ends heading east southeast, so you're running right into the sun.

Aid stations: The aid stations are just the right distance for most people.

Scenery/Course: Its bucolic setting is pleasant and tranquil. The course is mostly on the Lake Wobegon Trail--paved and incredibly flat.

Crowd support: If you like big city marathons and big crowds to help cheer you on, this isn't your race. If, however, you have some of your own fans, they'll have an easy time driving along the course and seeing you in multiple locations.

I'd highly recommend this marathon. The Lake Wobegon Trail Marathon is one of my top five marathons, and my number one small town marathon. It's put on by runners (St. Cloud River Runners) that know what runners want in a race .If you're looking for a fast course and a low-key event, you'll love this race.

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