Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Get Lucky 7k, 14k, and Half Marathon

Get Lucky 7k, 14k and Half Marathon - March 11

I've done this race a few times and have been a spectator a couple of other times. The race isn't spectacular, but it is a good early season test of fitness.

Cost: TBA

Gear and food: Team Ortho is known for it's gear and most people like it. The downside for this one is that a "Get Lucky" sweatshirt's double entendre may not play well in all settings. Food at the end is average.

Weather: Generally cool, but Minnesota springs are inconsistent. There was one year with snow and ice. Another year was sunny an warm--especially difficult for an early season race after training in cold and cool weather.

Course: There's not information on the course as of this writing. The course has been changed several times, though it usually contains several rolling hills.

Crowd support: Not a whole lot along the course, but a decent crowd at the finish.

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