Friday, December 16, 2016

Fred Kurz 10 Mile

Fred Kurz 10 Mile - TBA

Cost: $10 MDRA member, $20 nonmember

Gear and food: Another bare bones race, but there are awards (MDRA gear) for age groups along with food at the end.

Weather: A mid-spring race, the temperature is usually good for racing, but Minnesota weather is unpredictable this time of year.

Aid stations: I've only done this one once, and I can't remember if there was an aid station. I can't find information about aid stations on the website.

Course: Flat and fast, most of it on the Luce Line trail, a nice surface of granular clay. The scenery is also decent, running through wetlands and along a couple of lakes.

Crowd support: None along the course other than the occasional encouragement from other trail users.

This one is an interesting race. You send in a few race times, and the organizers estimate your finish time and give you a start time. The idea is that all runners finish around the same time, and it's also fun to try and beat your estimated time.

I think this one is a great race. The course is flat and fast which makes for a PR course, and the uniqueness of the handicapped start makes for a fun event. I'd highly recommend this one.

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