Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Earth Day Half Marathon

Earth Day 1/2 Marathon - April 22

Cost: Registration is $50 through Jan. 8.

Gear and food: I've been happy with the finisher shirts for the years I've done this race. The food at the end is good--they definitely give you enough.

Weather: The several years I've done this race the weather has been good--cool but not too cold.

Course: I enjoy this course--it's got a lot of variety and has some decent scenery, especially along the river. There are some rolling hills on this race, but nothing real long and steep.

Crowd support: For the size of St. Cloud, this race has pretty decent crowd support, especially at the start and finish. It's also pretty easy for your own spectators to see you several times during the race.

I've always had fun at this event and definitely recommend it for a spring half marathon. It's a little earlier in the season, so it's a good one to use as a tune-up race for a spring marathon or half marathon. It's also late enough, however, that you cold use it as a goal race. If you're looking for a spring half marathon with an easy-ish course, this is a good one.

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