Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas Gifts for Runners

Looking for a Christmas gift for a runner in your life? I could make a whole list for you, but I'll just give you a few suggestions. While most of my suggestions are safe bets, be aware that some runners are very particular. I'll give some ideas of how to get around that in my recommendations.

Socks: The classic groaner gift for kids, runners will actually enjoy socks--here's the caveat for particular runners: They may like only a certain type of socks. That might mean a brand, a level of cushion, or a length (no-show or ankle). Still, most runners aren't extremely picky, and would probably use a sock that's a bit different from what they have. It would, however, pay off to find out what your runner likes.

Technical Shirt: This one's probably a surer bet than socks. Most of my tech shirts are from races, so I pretty much wear what I get. I don't know a lot of runners who are real particular. Just make sure to get a shirt that doesn't have cotton.

Shoes: These would be near the top of the price range as most running shoes are $90 or more. Make sure you know the exact brand and model your runner wears. Knowing just the brand isn't enough to get them the right shoe. You'll need to know the model as well.

Running Watch: This one could be hit or miss. Most runners use GPS watches, and they're pretty pricey.  If your runner already owns a GPS and are looking for a new one, it's probably a good idea to let her or him pick one on their own. If your runner has never owned a GPS watch and their just looking for something basic, some models can be found for less than $100.

Gift Card: Here's the safest bet. Get your runner a gift card to a local running store or an online retailer. A gift card may seem less personal, but your runner knows what she or he likes, and a gift card is usually appreciated.

If you're looking for more ideas, check out Gift Guides for Runners from Runner's World. It contains several lists, including thirty running gifts for less than thirty dollars.

Run well.

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