Saturday, October 29, 2016

Upcoming Winter Events

Here in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area, there are all kinds of running events. While there's many more to choose from in the spring, summer, and fall, there are also races in the winter.

Below are some of my favorite winter runs in the Twin Cities. These races are listed in chronological order, not by favorites.

2014 as a pacer with Nate

Polar Dash (Half Marathon, 10k, 5k, 1600m)
January 1
 I served as a pacer twice for the half marathon and volunteered a couple times. Every year it was very cold (below zero wind chills, and there's something that makes you feel extra tough about running in that kind of weather). Team Ortho, the race management company, serves hot chocolate at the finish and the sweatshirt they give out is usually pretty cool. Here is my race report from 2014.

Meet of Miles (1 mile)
January 17
There's something exciting about racing a distance that makes your lungs want to explode.  Miles are run in heats based on goal finish time, so it's nice being in a race with runners your speed. I was able to run my indoor mile PR at the Meet of Miles, and it definitely helped having a group of runners right at my goal pace. Here's my race report from 2012.

Finishing the mile

Securian Winter Run (1/2  Marathon, 10k, 5k)
January 18
I've run this one three times. Once, it was a balmy 34 (that really is balmy for January in Minnesota), and the other two times it was very cold. The last time I did Securian, it was also icy. Are you sold on this one? It's actually a fun event. Securian opens up their building so you can wait for the start inside where it's warm and return after the finish. You also get a sweet mug.
Here are some race reports from my blog: 2014, 2012, 2010.

2012 with Nate

Valetines Day 5k

February 11
I'd ran this one a couple times, once all-out racing and once while recovering from a broken leg. This one is a fun event for sure, and there's a discount for couples. The year my wife and I ran this one together she wore an "it's complicated" sign while mine said, "taken." At least she didn't choose the "single" sign. The race also comes with some hot chocolate before and after and some sweet treats at the end. Here's my race report from 2012.

2012 with my wife, Laura

Thinking about training for one of these races and want a training plan? Check out my coaching options page for a training for as low as $10.

If you're looking for other winter events, check out Running in the USA Races or Eventbright for races in your area.

Run well.

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