Saturday, October 15, 2016

Making or Breaking a Habit

This past September I issued a challenge: Spend the month trying to make or break a habit. My goal was to break the habit of eating multiple bowls of cereal a day. Since a habit takes an average of 66 days to make or break, I'm down to three weeks of making or breaking this habit.

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How has it gone? I've definitely cheated a few days. However, for all of September I kept my goal. The past two weeks I've had cereal for breakfast a couple of those days and then another bowl in the evening.

Now, with three weeks left, I'm rededicating myself to eating one bowl of cereal a day.

I've only had three takers on making or breaking a habit, but they're good ones. The goals were to reduce sugar, pack healthy lunches, and limit cereal to two meals a week.

I'll be contacting one of the lucky winners soon, but there's still time to enter. Sixty-six days from the start of this challenge runs through November 5, so if you're interested in making a healthy habit or breaking an unhealthy one, comment on this post, Twitter, or Facebook and I'll throw you into the drawing.

Here's so more information on making or breaking habits:

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