Saturday, June 11, 2016

Pace Yourself Part 2 - Factors to Consider

In my last post about pacing, I wrote about running negative or even splits, and some workouts that can help you pace yourself during a race.

Pacing the 2011 Minneapolis Marathon
What I didn't touch on is how to adjust your pace during a race or training run. Factors to consider are temperature, hills, and wind. Obviously you're going to run slower if it's hot, uphill, or into the wind, but how much slower?

In the next three posts, I'll give some tips for pacing, and some tools on how to adjust your pace. I've ran as a pacer in half a dozen marathons and about two dozen half marathons, so I'll try to use my pacing and racing experience to give examples of how to adjust your pace due to external factors.

Since it's going to be warm here in Minnesota for the next few days, I'll do heat first. Here's a link to the posts on Pacing:

Run well.

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