Saturday, September 5, 2015

Shoe Lace Tying: You're doing it wrong!

Do your shoes come untied? Do they fit well? Do they feel great everywhere except the ankles? Are they tight somewhere they shouldn't be?

Before you give up on a shiny pair of running shoes, try some alternative lacing techniques.

Working at The Running Room, I've seen several people who've liked a pair of shoes except for one small aspect, usually that the shoes are too loose around the ankles. I've got some skinny ankles, and just recently I learned a lacing technique that's allowed me to use a couple different pairs of shoes I haven't used in the past.

If your shoes come untied, you might be tying them wrong. Watch to following video to make sure those shoe laces stay tied:

 If your shoes don't seem to fit quite right, watch the following tutorial to try out some alternative lacing techniques:

Run well this weekend!

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