Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My BFF Brit

I asked Brittany her permission to write this post, but I didn't tell her the title (or get permission to use the sweet pictures below). For the record, I call lots of people BFF whether I think we're going to be friends forever or not, but Brit and her husband Jared are definitely my BFFs.

Having pizza with Brit and Jared before watching the Chicago Marathon

Brittany was gracious enough to give me my first try at "coaching." She was hoping to qualify for the Boston Marathon, and since I'd done it in 2011 and had read about two dozen running books between 2009 and 2011, I offered to help her by writing a training plan.

I used a lot of the workouts from "Run Faster from the 5k to the Half Marathon" and structured her training with the hope of keeping her healthy while maximizing her talent and work ethic.

I've coached a few athletes like Brit. They're different animals than a lot of Americans. They're motivated. They work hard. They are willing to take advice, give input into their training, and make changes based on feedback from others.

Thanksgiving, 2013 - working hard on cranberry sauce
I spend time with other athletes trying to motivate them. Running can be a drag, and if you don't like it or think it hurts, it's really going to be a drag. Fortunately, some of the athletes I started with trying to motivate become athletes like Brittany. When you get good at something, you tend to like it more and try harder.

In 2012, Brittany was following her training plan to a T. She was doing strength and core exercises. She was completing challenging workouts. Then, she blew it.

She got pregnant. Fortunately, her husband is a really cool guy, and I like kids, so I wasn't too upset about it.

Fast forward a little over three years. Brit's a mother of two twins, a pharmacist, and a runner. She just set a PR in the half marathon at the Women Rock Half Marathon. 

She's only been training on a structured plan for 6 weeks--she's stayed in shape through running, chasing around kids, and doing things like the Insanity Workout (I'm thinking of doing this one to get a beach body--wiry runner is so 1954) for three years. A few weeks from now, she'll almost certainly run a PR in the 10 mile.

So, thanks Brittany, for being my guinea pig for "coaching" my first athlete. Oh, and stay healthy and un-pregnant if you want to qualify for Boston in 2016.

Run well.

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  1. I loved this article. Running is most definitely a lifestyle!


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